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Powerball Lotto Club

Welcome to the Powerball Lotto Club!

I'm here to play the lottery, not nickel and dime you for each play. I want to win the lottery as much as you do and the only way to improve our odds is to play in a group. You pay for the ticket, and that's it. No upcharge per ticket or per play like you'll get with most other clubs.

Here are the details of our club:

  • We only play the Powerball lottery when the jackpot is over $350 million.
  • Each member spends $10 for 5 lines each time we play. (@ $2 per play. That's what they charge, we don't add any fees.)
  • Each member chooses the 5 lines they want to play. I fill out the playslip and use that same playslip each time I purchase tickets.
  • We limit the club to 50 members.
  • We play the same 5 sets of numbers for each player each time that member plays.
  • If a member doesn't have at least $10 in their account by the time we play, he or she isn't included in that drawing - and isn't entitled to any winnings resulting from that drawing.
  • The big prizes are divided equally among all the active players for that drawing. (5 + Powerball, 5, and 4 + Powerball are considered the big prizes.)
  • Smaller prizes are rolled into the next drawing the club plays as quick picks. (Smaller prizes are everything other than what we indicate are big prizes.)
  • We play with the Cash Value option for every drawing.
  • We make all the numbers we're playing available to all club members before each drawing.
  • Proof of purchase is available for all the tickets at any time by request.

If you're interested, start by joining. If you still have questions that aren't answered in the FAQ, send me an email.